Catalina Spa & RV Resort

18800 Corkill Road, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92241 * 760.329.4431 * 877.463.0355

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This is a "membership park". The way I understand it is you buy a membership from the sales office for approximately $2500, or sometimes you can find a resale for less (eBay?). The annual fee is about $350. You are permitted to park your RV here for 2 weeks, then you must leave for a week, then you can have another 2 weeks, then out a week... no limit on the number of 2 weeks in as long as you are out a week right after. You can rent each "out week" for $125. That way you don't have to give up your spot and possibly not get it back. I talked with several members here and everyone was very enthusiastic about the park and its activities.

With your membership, you can also join the "Coast to Coast" affiliation of resorts. For a nominal fee ($2.50/night??) you can stay at other "Coast to Coast" parks, if available. Most parks have a required minimum of "C2C" spaces. When those spaces are full, the resort can accept or deny additional requests. Obviously, for $2.50 a night (electricity could cost more than that), there's little incentive to fill up the park with outsiders and not be able to accept your own members who bought here.

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